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Richard Foot Machinery Pty Ltd are the exclusive Australian agents and distributers for the Wire Belt Co – USA and Europe, manufacturers of stainless steel conveyor belting and conveyor systems for over 50 years.
Flat-Flex: The versatility of Flat-Flex conveyor belting provides Flow Through, Flexibility, Cleanability, Tight Transfer, Positive Drive, Openness and Low Belt Mass.
Versa-Link: Wire Belts latest belt innovation makes belt joining a “breeze”. With 81% open area provides maximum air/liquid flow through required for applications such as Coating, Cooling, Cooking and Frying.
Eye-Flex Wire Link: A heavy-duty modular belt designed for rugged, long lasting applications. With greater strength, carrying capacity and an open flat surface profile.
Compact Grid: Engineered with a 10mm x 10mm open mesh designed specifically to handle smaller and more delicate products. With 70% open area, positive no-slip drive provides the highest standard in belt tracking with fast and simple belt joining and installation.
Spiral Weave Belts: A comprehensive range of Spiral Weave Belts, Balanced Spiral, Chain Edge Drive and Rod Reinforced, Flat Spiral, Rolled & Cord Weave Baking Bands.
Honeycombe: High strength to weight ratio comb.
Plate-Link: Suitable for arduous & heavy engineering applications – press work, die-casting and forging.
Flex-Turns: with the tightest level transfer and small inside radius, 90 & 180 degree, belt widths from 254-1270 mm and available with three different belt supports.
Spreader & Converger Conveyors: Specially designed conveyers to spread and converge products while on the move.
Shuttle Conveyors: The innovative ‘shuttle’ allows precise placement in-line or across production lines.
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